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ShackPix FAQ

What is Shack Pix ?

Welcome to Shackpix a place where people can upload pictures of their 'shacks' and then other people can look at them. Pretty simple really !

How do I ensure people can look up my callsign and see all my pictures ?

Easy. Just put your callsign as the Image Name when you upload, make sure there are no spaces in the callsign and, no slashes or dashes, just the callsign. You can add your operator name or more info after the callsign if you want to as long as there is a space, but it's better to add all the details in the description section and just have the callsign as the image name. Of course you don't need to include your callsign if you don't want too, but people won't be able to search for you if you don't.

How can I link from my Cluster.dk profile to my Shackpix page so people can see my pictures from Cluster.dk profile ?

First click on that your picture on the shackpix site, so you get to the details page with the large image, comments, ratings etc, and then right click on the part that says Link.. If using Internet Explorer, right click on the Link and select Copy Shortcut or if using Firefox, right click and select Copy Link Location. Next go to your Cluster profile, cluster Personal Information and in the Personal Home Page box right click the mouse and paste the link in the blank space, then save the profile.

You will find that when you link to your image from Cluster.dk your image gets alot of hits.

What screen size should I use ? What Image sizes should I upload ?

I resize all images larger than 1024 wide back to 1024 wide, so it dosn't really matter what size you upload. I resize them manually so it might take 24 hours for them to be resized. It's been a bit of a delema trying to decide what size to make the images. I want to try to keep them as large as possible, but if they are too large then people with smaller screens won't see them properly. So I resize them to 1024, and this requires a screen size of 1280 wide to view properly, which is becoming the standard now, but you can get away with a smaller screen size if you scroll around a little. My laptop that I am currently using is only 1024 wide which works ok, but the larger screen on my desktop is best for viewing the Shack Pix site. . So Best Viewed on 1280 wide screen (or larger), but still works ok on smaller screens.

I see most images are of 11M operators, do you also support HAM band operators ?

Of course, we welcome anyone, 11M ops, HAM ops, SWL listeners, Martians, whoever, just aslong as they have relavent content to upload

Can I upload Video ?

Yes, you can upload video. We prefer that you have already uploaded a picture of your shack and / or antenna and / or QSL etc first if possible, so that other operators can still look you up and find details of your station. Personally I think pictures are clearer and convey detail, but video of QSO's, towers and antenna installations are welcomed. Videos take a few hours to appear after they are uploaded as I have to make a thumbnail for them manually.

The best format to upload in is .flv You can find a freeware convertor that will make .flv files from just about any source format at http://www.rivavx.com/index.php?encoder&L=3 If you have any trouble, feel free to email me and I'll do what I can to help.

How do I get my Youtube video to Shackpix ?

The best way is to use a site like KeepVid to save the video to a file on your computer, then upload that file to Shack Pix just like any other file. Remember it will take a few hours to appear after you upload it.

Hope to work you on the band soon and good DX to you.